Try Codejudge’s Cup Of Joe — The Best iMocha Alternative

2 min readOct 31, 2022


iMocha helps global tech companies and enterprises assess technical candidates, Codejudge does the same, but adds a twist of real-worldliness to its coding assessments.

Codejudge is a technical hiring platform that enables tech companies and enterprises to meaningfully speed up tech talent sourcing, screening, interviewing and hiring.

Codejudge uses coding assessments derived from proprietary real-world project methodologies to evaluate developers.

Two Codejudge-only elements that ensure a better candidate & recruiting experience

Real-world micro-projects for multiple tech roles

  • Codejudge enables recruiters to create skill & role relevant coding assessments using proprietary real-world project methodologies.
  • With assessments that partially or fully replicate real-world project-level technical tasks, developers can be truly evaluated on their technical competencies.

Advanced Language Server for Code Editor

  • Now, our in-house language servers support state-of-the-art code auto-completion (IntelliSense) and linting features in the Programming code editor in both the Assessment and Interview products.

This puts our product amongst the top 4 in the world to provide this premium feature.

Here’s some features of iMocha that Codejudge serves fresher!

1) Recruiters can customize assessments as required

  • Codejudge enables recruiters to fully customize assessments starting from the questions, difficulty levels, tech roles, candidate invites, proctoring features to candidate managements and more.

2) Performance based candidate ranking

Codejudge ranks candidates not only based on their code’s functionality, but also code quality.

  • The leaderboard enables recruiters to shortlist candidates by taking one look at the candidate leaderboard.

Moreover, the performance & skill reports, which provide deep developer insights into 127+ code metrics, will make a recruiter’s job simpler, besides helping them make informed decisions.

3) Recruiters can pool programming questions along with MCQs

  • This is a Codejudge-only feature. Recruiters can pool programming questions within their assessments. This has proven to be an effective measure to tackle any cheating practices and ensure a fair evaluation of every candidate.

4) Whitelabeling is applicable on Codejudge

  • Companies may choose to use our products & services as a whitelabel entity. This unlocks a holistic set of possibilities in terms of branding and talent attraction.

Here’s a detailed comparison table

Codejudge V iMocha

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