Understanding developer’s Mettl(e) is better with Codejudge

3 min readNov 16, 2022


Codejudge V Mettl

Codejudge enables tech startups and enterprises to acquire top-quality developers and build 10x engineering teams.

With Codejudge, employers/recruiters can source, screen, assess, interview and hire top tech talent.

So, in a way Codejudge acts as the ‘one-stop solution’ for all tech talent acquisition needs.

Mettl solves three major hiring challenges that unsettle companies, here’s how Codejudge settles down those issues

Tech hiring has become more challenging than ever, and trying to filter the top tier candidates has become the most critical task, as it is the deciding factor for building high-performance engineering teams.

The conventional methods of screening candidates by scanning resumes, aptitude tests and then holding technical interviews presented three problems.

  • Loss of time
  • Skills mismatch of hired candidates
  • Project unpreparedness of freshly recruited candidates

Additionally, the high recruiting costs, talent shortage, candidates shopping for multiple jobs and candidate ghosting only added fuel to the fire of hiring hurdles.

To tackle all these issues, Codejudge has built an all-skill-comprehensive assessment suite that’s designed after real-world project methodologies. This means that our micro-project and coding assessments fully or partially simulate real-world project-grade tasks.

Also, Codejudge supports 20+ coding languages and 50+ technology frameworks, which covers a diverse range of technical skills and roles.

Moreover, Codejudge’s candidate performance reports provide recruiters with deep developer insights into 127+ code metrics.

This collectively solves all the three major challenges faced by companies that are hiring, and that’s why some of our customers chose us over others.

Five reasons why you don’t have to settle for Mettl

1) Real-world project-based coding assessments

  • Codejudge enables recruiters to create skill relevant coding assessments for a diverse set of roles using proprietary real-world project methodologies.
  • With assessments that partially or fully simulate real-world project-level tech tasks, developers can be truly evaluated on their technical competencies.

2) Codejudge ranks candidates not only based on their functionality, but also code quality

  • We enable recruiters to shortlist candidates by taking one look at the candidate leaderboard.
  • The performance & skill reports, which provide deep developer insights into 127+ code metrics, make a recruiter’s job simpler, besides helping them make informed hiring decisions.

3) Recruiters can pool programming questions along with MCQs

  • This is a Codejudge-only feature. Recruiters can pool programming questions within their assessments.
  • This has proven to be an effective measure to tackle any cheating practices and ensure a fair evaluation of every candidate.

4) Employers & recruiters can customize assessments as per their needs

  • Recruiters can completely customize everything — the questions, difficulty levels, tech roles, candidate invites, proctoring features to candidate managements and more.

5) White-labeling is applicable on Codejudge

  • Companies may choose to use our products & services as a white-label entity. This unlocks a holistic set of possibilities in terms of branding and talent attraction.

Mettl might help you solve the issue of assessing a big group of candidates, Codejudge only does it better with real-world tech assessments, data-driven reports and intelligent hiring systems.

Here’s a detailed comparison table

Codejudge V Mettl — Feature comparison table

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