Tech CEOs’ Nightmare: A President Totally at Odds With Their Values
Steven Levy

The solution here isn’t to wimp out and wring our hands about what’s going to happen next.

The solution here is to use our tech smarts to *organize people* around *positive ideas* in order drive what’s going to happen next.

Specifically: we need to rid ourselves of the delusion that either major candidate was really what we wanted. We need to be ready to knuckle down for the long haul and use our awesome intelligence, capabilities and resources to build a new political movement that actually reflects the values you discuss so longingly.

We need to marshall our collective brains and time: what is at issue, are very specific policies being passed at county, state and federal level around abortion, immigration, labor law, freedom of speech, gun rights, diversity, environment, climate change and equality of opportunity. We need to persuade (and fund) political action experts to form centers of action around each one of these specific topics, and go after them doggedly like the world is going to become unlivable without them (which is a *fact*).