Creating Microservices with WSO2 MSF4j

Recently, I did a talk on WSO2 MSF4J at WSO2Con EU 2016. WSO2 MSF4J, being a lightweight, fast runtime offers you the necessary framework and tooling for building an MSA solution. It is designed from day one to be container friendly.

In my talk, I explain the programming model of WS4J by building a sample microservices in 9 steps. Following are the steps.

Step 01 — Creating the msf4j project called “petstore” using maven archetype
Step 02 — Implement the “getPet” operation
Step 03 — Implement the “addPet” operation
Step 04 — Complete the “PetService” with metrics support
Step 05 — ExceptionMapper support
Step 06 — Swagger support
Step 07 — Oauth2 based security
Step 08 — Run “PetService” in Docker.
Step 09 — Manage your “PetService” with Kubernetes.


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