A feeling called mother ;)

To quote the Wikipedia.

“Mothers are women who inhabit or perform the role of bearing some relation to their children, who may or may not be their biological offspring.”

I agree but there is more to a mother!

I was hungry as usual this evening! I made a cup of coffee and snacks to cater to my pangs of hunger. I realised it was a while that the cup was filled with home brewed coffee. Fresh from the hands of my mother. Sipping my coffee I tried to find the feeling that resembled the uniqueness of the coffee my mother made. It was difficult! I even did the same to the snacks I ate. It was difficult! I could not trace it back to the same feeling [regardless of the taste] I experienced when I had them back home. That’s when I realised its not the taste that I was missing ! I was missing a feeling! Yes a feeling called “Mother”.

“Mutter”, “Mother”,” Ma”, “母亲”,”Amma”.

The above words for a change speak a common language that can be felt. The language of love, compassion, kindness, care, emotion and infinite bliss. Mother, an entity that even the almighty cannot describe! An epitome of purity and eternity. A woman is multifaceted and has many roles to her name. She can be a sister, a friend or a wife but the most unique and amazing role is a mother. And doing something powerful that no one can! Giving birth! If you think carefully. It is a lot of things that she gives birth to! She gives birth to a concoction of feelings that is beyond the capacity of the mind to describe. In essence birth to a feeling called “mother”.

Mother is the relief when we are in pain, the reason for every joy, the reason for any kind of satisfaction. She is all the reasons you exist and the only reason you exist. The biological aspects can be overlooked for a moment. I guess no science can do justice to describe this feeling! I honestly make an effort to write about this wonderful feeling. There is way too much to decode and describe. The journey from the womb to the world is a process that nurtures this emotion. No matter to which religion you belong or language you speak it drills down to the same feeling. Many may not agree “mother” is a feeling. But trying to place the emotion I realised it adds up to this fact/logic. A feeling hardwired deep into our minds that even the slightest sign of pain or joy makes you remember this celestial entity.

The best part, it can never diminish! It will cease to exist only when life ends. You live this feeling as you breathe. It is like a background process in your system. An optimised and lightweight process! Invoked on the slightest amount of trouble, the feeling of joy, hunger, gloom, loneliness or any emotion that exists. This feeling is the parent process that spawns all the other feelings! You can never kill it! As it would mean killing all the other processes!! The beauty of this emotion is despite sounding all so complicated, at the heart it still remains simple. I guess that is the reason why mothers know so much about you. I tried it to test it by calling my mother when I was hungry! I acted normal and talked casually. As I was about to finish the conversation. I was not surprised to hear these words. “Please eat something, you are hungry!!” What made me think is what kind of compliers do mothers have in their mind? I fed her my voice and she interpreted a result that the most powerful supercomputer would fail to output!

Amazing isn’t it?

I believe if there is someone that needs to be worshipped there are no second thoughts in my mind. And she taught me this wonderful feeling that has no substitute. The feeling of love. I know it cannot be greater than anything. I believe everyone should definitely make his or her mother proud by spreading what she does best.


Love your mother as she loves you. I know it is difficult to achieve this. She deserves more than love. I always do what she taught me as a child. Stay happy and strong no matter where I live or what I do. I know my happiness and smile would give her infinite amount of joy that has no bounds.

As I finished my coffee I realised it did satisfy my hunger. But it was missing a feeling called “mother”. And I know for sure you will get this feeling as you read this post ;)

I hope I did justice to explain the feeling. Though I know I did not! And I definitely cannot!