GitTrend: Discover new languages from GitHub followers.



Inspired by GitLab’s simple yet powerful integration of GitHub’s API and user data, I wanted to find a way to make GitHub followers more meaningful than just who starred what repository. What if you could see what programming languages are popular right now, based on the people you follow on GitHub? Using GitHub’s OAuth and User API, I created a simple Node.js app called GitTrend.

Here’s a demo of the app in action:

You can use this app not only to see what hackers in your network are up to, but also as a way to reach out to a mentor and ask for help on a particular language that he/she is familiar with.

I hope to develop more features in GitTrend in the future, namely analysis of language usage over time, projections of popular frameworks and tools in the coming years, and a more dedicated system of user-to-user tutoring.

Also, if you liked the article, please feel free to drop a comment and hit the ❤️button below. Pull requests are always appreciated! If you have any questions about my experience, or want to know more about the project, you can connect with me via Github or email.

Software Engineer @google. Alum @Cornell. Previously @google @linkedin

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