Who am I ?

I was in bed with her when this happened.

“What do you like most about me?”

She asked and it all started. This is a cliche. Girls ask this question, boys answer- your eyes, your smile, whole you and so on. Though I was fully aware of the risk, I decided to play differently.

Breasts….” I said.

“No..” she chuckled, “I’m serious.”

This was my last chance for escape. My mind was yelling, dude change your answer, change it. Yet I went on.

“I’m serious too. Your youthful, enormous, rounded…”

“Shut up” She interrupted and turned away.

“What? Did I offend you?” I pulled her.

“I expected sensible answer from you.”

“Romantic one?”

“No, appropriate one.”

“Now don’t make your you-know-nothing face. Tell me, what according to you, would be appropriate?”

She paused for a moment, prepared her argument,

“Imagine devil comes to the earth and asks you could keep only one of your body parts. Which part would you choose?”

“This is odd..” I frowned, “I guess the brain, because that controls everything.”

“Your leg or your hand, if you lose it, would you still be, YOU?”

“Yes, certainly..”

“So, if tomorrow, I go though surgery and lose my breasts, I would still be me, but you would love me less. Because your favourite part of me would have gone.”

“So brain, is that the proper answer?”

“Don’t you think, brain is horrible, biological word? In romantic way you could say, your soul.”

That is wisest thing anyone has ever said to me. My leg or my hand or genital isn’t ‘me’ enough. ‘Me’ is my brain. Here’s the gist of our remaining conversation-

Which part of my brain is exactly me? Brain holds memory. If tomorrow I lose all my memory, would i still be me? Of course yes. If I am a guitarist and tomorrow I lose my ability to play guitar due to some brain damage. Nevertheless, I am me. Minus the guitar skill, but ‘ME’.

I’m my character. Inclinations, likes-dislikes, ideas, nature, temper, mentality, hence the soul.

That is me and if that’s gone, I am gone.

But wait, is my character explicitly mine? Or has it been borrowed? My ancestors definitely have affected it, gene wise. And my surroundings, society has totally influenced it.

Maybe life on earth isn’t about human beings. We are just staying places for all those invisible, intangible principles and ideas (Good as well as Evil) They capture us for hundred years. During that period they might remain unchanged, or might even change by a bit. Once we are dead, they leave us, get passed to next generation, and then next and next.

Maybe, its their journey altogether.

That night I made mental note about things I’ve learned :

  • Sexiest part of female body is her brain. (applicable to males also)
  • Your ‘character’ make you, YOU.
  • Intellectual discussions some times could get even better than orgasm :p
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