People assume. They make stuff up. But guess what. They don’t know that person. SURPRISE! They really REALLY don’t know that person. They may not believe EVERYTHING they hear, but they can be quick to believe what is easy and what is convenient.
Hillary, Bernie, and Campaign 2016. Hate, Assumptions, and the Human Condition.
LisaBeth Weber

Aren’t you doing exactly the same thing by making assumptions about people’s opinion of Hillary? You don’t know if they have a valid reason to not vote for her because just as you said you really REALLY don’t know the people you are making assumptions about. It sounds like you are believing what is easy and convenient as a Hillary supporter. You started this article by saying it wasn’t about telling people who to vote for and ended it saying that people should vote for Hillary. You may label me a hater for this comment. That’s ok, you are entitled to your opinion as I am mine, even if we disagree. ;)