TypeScript for busy C# Developers — 0: Introduction

In this introduction I will not go through motivation for using TypeScript bla bla bla. I assume that if you are reading this post then you are interested enough to continue reading.

The vanilla javascript

IMHO, If there is a language that should known by every developer, then it should be javascript!
But javascript code tend to be messy as your project grow.
To avoid such messes you should apply good patterns in your javascript code (we may talk about this in future posts) and/or use some wrapper languages around plain javascript.
These wrappers may help in organizing messy code as well as increasing developer productivity.

Depending on your familiar programming language, you may find any of the following javascript wrappers easier for you, but before start using any of them, make sure you have mastered javascript itself first.

Javascript alternatives

  • CoffeeScript for Ruby/Python developers
  • Google’s Dart for Java/Go developers
  • Microsoft’s TypeScript for .NET developers → Pushed by Microsoft and Google in Angular 2
  • Others less known like Haxe for ActionScript developers

Tip: knowing alternatives is a strength point when you need to decide, and in job interviews as well :)

Same C# mind…

TypeScript brought to you from the same mind which designed/Architected Turbo Pascal, Delphi and C#: Anders Hejlsberg. Which I believe will give you an indicator of what to expect if you are a C# developer.