Finding my Path to Originality

Techniques I will use to stand out from the pack.

In today’s society it is easier than ever to live a life of conformity. We are surrounded by addictions everywhere we look. Whether that comes in the form of drugs and alcohol, technology, or music. The problem is we are being fed propaganda all the time.

A lot of these messages we find from music and other sources explain to us that money, material objects, and sex is ultimately what we want in a successful life. Yet, time after time we can see that this is far from the truth. Conforming to what society is tells us is success needs to be changed. For Instance, when Tom Brady was at the pinnacle of success after winning two super bowls at the time and being named the worlds most attractive male he was still not satisfied. He said “there must be more”. It will be tough but I am going to question what we are all doing everyday. If it is not the best then I will expect to see change. Also happiness should not be sitting in front of a screen for hours upon hours. That is called short term happiness and ultimately makes us more empty inside.

I will focus on strategic procrastination to help enhance my originality. I will have a purpose behind my time of relaxation. Reading and mediation will be my two main forms of procrastination. Adam Grant explained in is book Originals that this type of procrastination can open up gateways for the mind. Alan Watts, the famous spiritual teacher also explained that relaxing the mind is when we come up with our best thoughts.

I plan to work on my future assignments for a solid 20–30 minutes and then take a form of strategic procrastination. Adam Grant explains that it allows your mind to subconsciously mull over the information in a more effective way. The mind is able to make much more neural connections if it is relaxed.

Once I come back to my assignment I will try and utilize these connections that have been made. I will think of as many creative ideas as possible. Even ideas that do not seem relevant I will write down.

I learned through Adam Grant that variety can be extremely important for maximizing your chance of being successful. Many great legends had tons of bad ideas but they had a few that will be remembered throughout history.

Once I have many ideas I will go to multiple peers and ask for their input. Input from peers of the field you are working in is the best type of feedback. They know what is needed and what the consumer wants and usually will have the best critiques for you. I will have to start to change my mindset of seeing bad ideas as useless. Bad ideas are to be learned from and questioned. “Why did you not like this idea”? Then we can start to understand what we are trying to accomplish in a clearer way. If I throw the failures to the side without question then I am bound to make similar mistakes.

It takes courage and pushing through fear to be an original. I know that everyday is not guaranteed and that life goes by fast. With that being said I want to see what I can make out of this life. I want to be part of the positive change for the future. I will not watch from the sidelines and commentate like a fan at a game. Simply, I will play in the game of life and originality. I understand I might come out with some bumps and bruises but that will not define me. How I prepare and execute on the playing field of life will be my legacy. I am excited for my future and helping humankind as much as I possibly can. The Journey begins now.

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