Meditation: Namaste is the Only Way.

Meditation can help us all live a more fulfilling life.

Many people believe that meditation is not for them or that they can’t do it effectively. The truth is that everyone is able to meditate. In the society we are currently living in, we subconsciously are not willing to take on many activities that push us outside our comfort zone.

It’s much easier to Netflix and chill.

I’m here to tell you that life is not on a screen. Days consumed by technology and the endless cycle of looking at social media is not what life is about.


This life is a gift and with this gift, I would rather live than just be alive.

Let me explain.

All of us live with a monkey brain that never seems to stop thinking. This is the cause of many negative thoughts which drains us of vital energy. What can we do to tame our inner-monkey? Take 10 minutes every day to meditate. We can start by focusing on our breath and nothing else. By focusing on our breath we are simply focusing on the present moment. This finally gives our mind a chance to relax.

Give it a try now.

Get situated in a comfortable position

Release the tension in your muscles

Take 3 deep breaths in and out through your nose. Act as though each one was the first breath you have ever taken in. Be fully aware of the sensation.

That was just the beginning!

Do not get frustrated if your mind wants to wonder during meditation. Part of the practice is to train your mind not to take thoughts so seriously. When a thought arises do not get upset. Notice it in a nonjudgmental way and then return to your breath and the present moment.

After the meditating we feel a sense of calm throughout our mind and body. When we are calm, we see our surroundings for what they really are. Many mind-made obstacles in our life become visible. We can begin to stop giving power to meaningless parts of our life. This will allow us to live a happier and more peaceful journey.

True beauty is when we see our world with a fresh pair of eyes. Meditation allows this to be possible and makes us much more aware of our surroundings.

Instead of just seeing a tree, we see something more. We begin to notice each individual branch, how the leaves are shaped, and understand that this being provides us oxygen and therefore life. It is no longer separate from us; it is us.

But it is not just the tree that we are apart of. Without our planet, we would all be nothing. Without our universe, you get the point.

Only if our president got it!

Meditation takes us to the now! The present moment is void of thought and with no thought comes no problems. The monkey is tame.

I have been meditating for two years now and I have seen incredible changes in my life. It has made me more confident, relaxed, risk-taking, joyful, and simply happier. I describe meditation in the simplest way possible. It is a shift in the happiness of being. Once you begin to meditate, your best days will become even better and your bad days will not be so bad.

We all have 10 minutes to spare every day. I mean shit, we are averaging 5 hours on our cell phones a day. The smallest positive change we can all make today is meditating yet it will have the biggest impact on our happiness. All we have to do is sit down and focus on our breath.

This life is all that we are guaranteed. Do not let a day pass without having gratitude for this inconceivable opportunity.


*Also check out this 3 min video on youtube to see the health benefits of meditation