Week 4

I read a few pages in my new book the other day. It described perfectly how a healthy relationship to coding should be.

It talked about finding happiness and dealing with problems.

You have to accept that life (and coding) is just an endless chain of problems. The only way to happiness is solving a problem, but the solution of one problem always creates one or more new problems. So, you can’t run away. If you greet the problems rather than fearing away from them, life becomes easier and more enjoyable. You and everyone else has problems and pushing them away makes you unhappy and it makes you sick. Same with coding. If you push away the problem you have today or find a cheap solution, it will haunt you down tomorrow.


Learn to love problems.

Embrace them.

Enjoy your life!!!!! Even when you are part of a coding bootcamp you are allowed to have one ☝️

Book recommandation:

The subtile art of not giving a fuck.

Recommended by the legend Charlie ❤️

Aloha everyone 🌺💞