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One of the projects I am involved in is hiring a senior JavaScript developer. To help with the opportunity, I tweeted this:

The response. Was. Overwhelming

I certainly did not expect this much interest in a work opportunity about which I did not share many details!

A few hours after a single tweet, my inbox already had a couple of good candidates. After sifting through the initial set of replies received in the first 24 hours, I see at least 10 candidates who would be ideal for this job.

Why then is everyone saying that hiring coders is so damn hard?

I don’t think it is. Maybe you’re just doing it wrong?

Here are a few takeaways from my little experience:

  • REMOTE is the most attractive word you can put on a job post. Businesses that are remote-friendly will win. Businesses that are not will not.
  • Good candidates don’t really care about the details of your job. They just want to work in jobs that challenge and educate them. Focus on these 2 characteristics.
  • “Applying” for a job is a blocker. It sounds so serious and official. I think many good candidates don’t want to apply to jobs; they want YOU to apply to THEM.

That’s it. Downscale your fancy offices and understand the remote trend. Take down your long job posts and tens of “requirements”. Don’t make your candidates jump through hoops. Keep it simple and just ask for the CORE skills for the job you’re hiring for. If your job post does not fit in a tweet, it’s probably too long.

You just need to find the smart and passionate candidates who have the right INITIAL set of skills to START for you. They’ll learn, in the first few weeks, what they need to be productive in your job.

Thanks for reading and good luck.

If you are an experienced JavaScript developer looking for a REMOTE working opportunity, please get in touch. I am involved in many projects and opportunities come often. You can email me directly. My email is samer AT jscomplete.com

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Author for Pluralsight, O'Reilly, Manning, and LinkedIn Learning. Curator of jsComplete.com

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