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function sum(a, b) { return a + b; } 
// Can be named:
(function sum(a, b) { return a + b; });
// Or anonymous (AVOID):
(function(a, b) { return a + b; });
// Or assigned to a variable
const sum = function sum(a, b) { return a + b; })
// Single argument, one line return:
name => name.split(' ')
// Multi arguments, one line return:
(a, b) => a + b
// Single…

  • What GraphQL is and the design concepts behind it
  • How GraphQL is different from its alternatives, like REST APIs
  • The language and service parts of a GraphQL system
  • The advantages and disadvantages of GraphQL

It’s not about callback hell pyramid of doom

The GraphQL schema language is great but…

The Schema Language

Block scopes and the var/let/const keywords

  • Scalability? Code written for all 3 frameworks can be scaled as much as needed if we’re talking about performance. Some frameworks will have smarter optimization every now and then, but eventually all frameworks will follow any good smart optimization that gets battle-tested out there.
  • Syntax and readability? You (person or team) be the judge! Try them all…

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