How to Change a Diaper Step by Step

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Changing a diaper is not an easy process for new parents. It is not just easy task. Babies soil their diapers 5 to 8 times a day.

There are no way to check the diaper is wet or dry without opening it. But fortunately here I share very easy and quick process. This way you can check the diaper easily.

If you failed to do it perfectly then it may cause Diaper Rash. Today i want to show you how to change a diaper step by step.

Let’s get started

Step 1: Set The Stage: Before starting the process you need a plain place on which you can lay you baby and start changing the diaper. It may be towel on the bed or on mat, on the floor or bed. After setting the stage bring on your baby and lay it on the stage. Then pull up the baby a little so that the diaper can go out.

Step 2: Remove the used diaper: After first step now you pull the tabs and now your diaper is ready to go. If it is a reusable cloth diapers, then remove the cover of the diaper and snaps from around baby’s leg.

Step 3: Lifting the baby: Then does one thing lift up the baby so that the diaper can easily come out from under the baby bottom.

Step 4: Wipes & clean: No wipes the baby’s diaper region and if possible wipe it using a wet and soft cloth to ignore rashes. Wipe the entire region from up to bottom.

Step 5: Wait for skin to dry now as you use a wet cloth, the baby diaper area got wet. So you have waited before give a new diaper. Let the skin dry first.

Step 6: Put on Fresh Diaper: Now take a new diaper and put it on the baby by lift the baby up a little. Bring the front fart up-to the baby front and newscaster the tab and secure it.

Final Step: Finally cover the new diaper with the cloth. That’s it. Hope fully now you must know best way to change a diaper step by step. But there is a big problem and it called diaper rash.

Here are some tips how to ignore baby diaper rash: Ways to ignore baby diaper rash:

1) Check your baby diaper often is it OK or wet.

2) Clean the diaper perfectly.

3) Use soft cloth soaps on baby’s diaper.

4) If possible give your baby bath after opening the diaper.

5) Use soft baby products for your baby skin.

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