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Gunshots in The Dark

A New Year Poem

A cacophony of gunshots.
Some near, others far.
I glance at my phone;
almost midnight.
The barrage continues,
building to a crescendo,
denying me sleep.
An urge to get up rises,
to take a peek outside,
and catch a glimpse of a battle.
But no.
I recall.
A friend had tried,
caught a bullet to the head,
…and died,
a time long past.
So I stay, curled up in bed,
and wait.
A woman’s scream,
pierces the thunderstorm,
Another civilian,
caught in the crossfires;
most unfortunate.
Minutes pass,
shots subside,
more sparse.
I check the time,
and note the date.
First confusion,
then a smile,
followed by a groan.
It’s January 1st,
and I’d missed the fireworks,
Happy New Year!

PS: This is my first stab at poetry(?) of any sorts, so any constructive criticism will be well appreciated.

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