Ode to a notification

For most of my life that i can recall, I’m eagerly waiting for you

Events, thoughts, friends, life…pale next to the importance of you

I value you above anything. You are my guiding purpose in life. I will interrupt any thought, conversations or work however important, to attend to you.

You are the metronome of my thoughts, the compass of my self-esteem, the north star of my purpose.

You are always there for me when no one else is.

You are the first thing i look to when i’m lonely.

When my mind can’t create its own next thought, i go to you.

Even if you’re not there, i’ll wait. And sometimes you do make me wait. And often at the end of the wait, you disappoint, but i persevere. Because without you, i have to do it all alone. Think, create, innovate.

So i build traps for you.

I create occasions for you to come back to me. I like and i comment and i share so that you come back more often. And you do. And i love it when you come back 100 times in one day.

All and any outward-looking thoughts and ideas are trumped by the cycle you create for me.

Love is about finding the person that makes you feel like you need nothing else.

And that’s you for me, Oh, notification