Introducing SAMFins

If you are here, it means we have completed our first objective, getting your attention. SAMFins team has witten this post for simple and straight introduction to our SAMFins platform. Answering the very basic questions like what we meant to do, what are plans, what value we add to community. We believe this information will open the doors to new engagements between you and us.

SAMFins: Defined in simple words

SAMFins platform targets the problems of cryptocurrency market, which lacks the mature and reliable platforms. A platform for global trading, secure wallet supporting the fiat currency of multiple countries from around the world.

Why SAMFins

Today in crypto world, an individual deals with two major type of platforms which are wallets and exchanges. Different wallet platform has different versions like online wallets, hardware wallets, paper wallets. Each platform has his own pros and cons, different processing fees, no integration point in between them. If user needs to go from online wallet to self managed wallet then platform needs to be changed and transfer cost has to be paid, then the user has to transfer funds to exchange again in case selling is required and pay fees again.

There is no Universal wallet that supports multiple crypto currencies and hence downloading and managing different wallets for different crypto coins is a headache.

Here is where SAMFIns comes into picture, where we are committed to solve these daily problems with a global platform. SAMFins’s vision is to make a people-controlled global new economy administrations service that makes the crypto world open to a normal person, building a global shared economy platform for the masses.

SAMFins Platform Features

SAMFins platform will be a one-stop shop for the cryptocurrency users, this platform will provide the traditional as well as unique features. Although there will be lots of major features and list will grow as the times passes, but as in consumer interest following are the major features which we will focus in the different milestones.

1. Cryptocurrency Predictions by users and Rewards/Recognition

Leverage the community expert predictions for smart investments. Acknowledgement of daily accurate predictions and rewards distribution.

2. Universal Wallet for Everyone

A universal wallet to store, send and received all leading cryptocurrencies. Fast & secure access to wallet any time from anywhere.

3. Self Managed Wallet

Featured wallet for advanced users, allows for conversion to self-managed wallet. Cryptocurrency transfer directly onto a cold wallet storage device.

4. Predictions via Machine learning (AI)

Automated daily trend finding processes and predictions to focus on intelligent investments. Analysis of crypto currencies whole historical data to find the trends of growth and loss.

5. Globally Shared Exchange

Decentralized exchange meets super-powered crypto currency to securely store, trade, manage, leverage and monetize the assets, with limitless power.

6. Fiat currency support across countries

Support for fiat currencies from multiple countries. User from multiple countries on single platform can trade in own their country’s fiat currency.

7. Funds Management by team of financial analysts

To support our consumers and maximize their profits, we will have a team of financial analysts, who will manage the funds on consumer’s behalf.

How SAMFins will make it happen

We are excited to take the next steps in bringing SAM Token to life. The SAM token offering presents a unique opportunity for mainstream apps to tokenize and offer everyday consumers the chance to earn and spend cryptocurrencies.

Our approach to the token distribution event emphasizes the importance of building and nurturing a strong community of SAM token member companies and developers contributing to the ecosystem, thus we are taking steps to verify every participant.

A total of 200 million tokens will be sold and a maximum of 400 mill tokens will ever be in existence. The final number of SAM token created will be determined by how many tokens are sold in the Token Crowdsale:

  • 200 Million tokens will be sold during the Crowdsale and all unsold will be burned .
  • 50% of total number of tokens will be sold during crowsale will be used to drive the platform
  • 20% of the tokens will go to the core team for development team and operations
  • 10% of the total number of tokens will be allocated to the founders and team and will be gradually vested over a 12-months period
  • 5% of the total number of tokens will be allocated to professional fees and bounties.
  • 15% of the total number of tokens will be allocated to future strategic plans for the created ecosystem

When SAM tokens will be sold

Presale — Day 1

  • The SAMFins Early Access token sale starts at 05:30 AM UTC on December 16, 2017 and lasts 1 day.
  • In order to participate in the Early Access token sale it is necessary to pre-register on the SAMFins website .
  • Only registered users can participate in the crowdsale

Public Sale — Days 2–29

  • The Public Sale will start on December 17, 2017 unless all tokens are sold out during the Early Access Sale. The public sale will continue until 15th January 2018 at 05:30 AM UTC or when the token supply is depleted, whichever occurs first.
  • First week contribution bonus is 30%, for second week- 20%, 3rd week- 10% , 4th week- No Bonus
  • During the public token sale there is no max cap of SAM and every individual that passes registeration is entitled to participate.

We hope this has served as a clear introduction to SAMFins! We also encourage you to check our whitepaper for more details about SAMFIns and detailed features. If you have any further questions or just want to get in touch with us, please don’t hesitate to email us at or send query from our website.

SAMFins Website:

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