I’ve been having problems with my 2014 Jeep Cherokee. The car has about 8K miles on it and is less than a year old. The problem is that it doesn’t start reliably. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn’t. I never know which it will be when I go out to my car. The following videos show good examples of my problem. I went outside and jumped in my Jeep last Saturday and it started right up. I then drove it to the gas station and turned off the engine to fill it with gas and, sure enough, when I was set to leave, it wouldn’t start.

The first video shows how sometimes it starts just fine.

The second video shows what happened when I tried to start it up to leave the gas station.

One thing to notice is that, in the first video, the starter light says the car is in the OFF state while, in the second video the light shows RUN. Unfortunately, I didn’t shoot the second video until after I first tried to start it so I don’t know what state the car was in when I first tried to start it. Next time I try to start it, I’ll be sure to roll the video first and see what light is on.

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