What I Learned Dropping my iPhone in an Air Vent

It was around noon, and I had started up the new brawl mode in Hearthstone on recommendation from a friend. I had a cup of half-drunk tea on the floor. My iPhone sat snuggly on the headboard of the bed, and my cat sat snuggly on my lap. While Hearthstone queued me for a game, I figured I’d do the proper thing and check if I had any new snapchats. Reaching up for my phone, it slipped behind my bed.

Artist’s rendition

In my head, I knew what happened. I really didn’t want to believe it. My mom laughed at me when I told her.

So, what did I learn? Well, for starters, it made me appreciate how little my phone does for me. Little can make a big different, if done repeatedly. Responding to messages and double checking events isn’t world-changing. It is, however, really convenient and fun. It also keeps me informed, so I don’t get fomo later.

I learned that I am a lot more productive without my phone. I studied for an exam, got out of work earlier, and got a number of chores done. Sure, I may only check my phone for a minute or so at a time, but that adds up. Without it, there was no lingering distraction, which helped me stay focused.

Finally, I found that I didn’t really miss much. The phone was returned to me after my step-dad fidgeted with the vent (Thanks Mark!). It was a little dusty, but had no scratches. I had a few snapchats, a few missed calls, and a few messages. Nothing outrageous happened while I was away. Which, put another way, means I don’t need to check my phone as often as I do. Not that I should drop it in an air vent again, but certainly that I am better for having done so.*

*Disclaimer: Don’t drop your phone in an air vent.