Thanks for reading the article and for your thoughtful response. A few points I’d make in response:
Traditional Tradesman

“I guess you missed this paragraph in my article, in which I discussed the fact that there is no epidemic of disproportionate shooting of blacks by cops, as empirical studies have repeatedly shown:”

I did, in fact, miss that paragraph. My skills at interpreting statistics do not go beyond a very basic level, so I will defer to you and Mr. Shuey on the subject. I have no wish to get into a “but what about this study…” kind of conversation.

I would ask, however: Do you have comparable amounts of data when it comes to the broader spectrum of law enforcement behavior with regards to racial minorities? After all, the senator that I linked to was obviously not complaining that he had been murdered by law enforcement, merely treated in a manner that placed undue suspicion on him because of his race. My impression is that this kind of behavior by the police has much more to do with the suspicions of minority groups towards law enforcement than the splashy stuff that get so much coverage in the media. Do you regard these sorts of complaints as equally false and counter-productive?