Oh I agree with you on why it’s a bad thing.
Aura Wilming

While I agree with your assessment of what happened to feminism, I would also point out that the denigration of “feminism” is not anything new. The term has been under attack almost since the beginning of the second wave in the ’60s.

You could probably argue that the problem goes back even further back, considering the criticism and ridicule the suffragettes of the first wave. That’s not even going into the numerous labels applied to women who stepped out of line in one way or another throughout history. In any case, “feminism” as a term has been poisonous for a large number of people since at least the 1970s.

I don’t know if trying to make a new one really work will be worth the effort. Whatever you come up with, it’ll probably meet the same fate. Junking “feminism” also means forsaking all of the history that goes with it, and on balance I don’t think that’s worth it.