Do Illegal Immigrants Vote?
Austin Frank

You modeled this after articles from the Left didn’t you? You’ve been reading all of those articles saying that Trump must be hiding stuff because of how he acts about his tax returns, or Russia or whatever else, and thought you’d pay them back with a matching article about the Left. Getting in a reversal must feel good. If only there weren’t so many Republican state officials doing the same thing…

On a more serious note, I’d point out that the GOP has played some serious hardball when it comes to voter data over the past decade, and gotten reprimanded by the judiciary for it, and rather than allow this to be taken further by Trump’s voting commission many states have said no. As even the head of the commission has admitted, they can only request this data so states are free to say no if they want to. Pass something in Congress compelling the states to do it if it’s that important to you…or is Congress a little busy with something else right now? It’s hard to tell.

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