May 2017 Update

A lovely field in town ft. my friend/roommate/school leader Tiana :)

Good afternoon! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend :)

I am officially 2/3 of the way through my Bible Core Course here in Herrnhut, Germany. As of today there are five weeks left of the school before I graduate in July, ah!

What’s new since my last update? To be honest, I’m still trying to articulate the answer to this question myself! I mean this in a good way, because God has been doing so much in my heart over the last month. I’ll begin with the practicals :)

For three of the last five weeks we studied the books of Song of Songs, Hosea, and Daniel. We also concluded reading the entire old testament! Woo-hoo! The final two of those five weeks have been ‘outreach’ weeks. In the first outreach week we prepared teachings on a self-chosen passage of the bible. We each did an hour and a half teaching with students from the Discipleship Training School here in Herrnhut based on our prepared teachings. It went so well! It was fun to apply the method of study we’ve been learning/using and equip others with similar tools. In the second outreach week, which was last week, we stayed in Nurnberg for a week. There is a YWAM base in this city, and we were able to prepare new teachings on new passages, and teach in the Discipleship Training School they have there! It was cool to share our knowledge and see others impacted by it.

Each week is a new challenge and a new triumph. As we study these books I am challenged with with new perspectives on God, myself, and the world. Things I didn’t understand or didn’t even know were there, I now see and understand. God’s heart and intent make more sense to me all the time, and His love and beauty overwhelm me more each day. My triumph at the end of each week is walking away with timeless truths that I am able to apply to my life personally, relationally, and as I walk out missions.

This experience has been so foundational and equipping for me as a follower of Jesus. I feel like I can stand even more firmly upon what I believe and why. Through this I believe I am gaining the capacity to be a better leader, friend, and believer. I am also learning more about who God created me to be, and how He sees and loves me. I realize more and more that I so desire a life of missions. It makes me so excited as I pray further into what that looks like for me each step of the way!

Please Pray:

  • For continued focus and understanding as I step into studying the new testament these final five weeks.
  • That God would release greater passion and vision for the future.
  • For continued financial provision, especially with my desire to be in long term missions, both one time gifts but specifically for monthly support partners!

God is faithful to our prayers. He listens and He moves, all in His perfect timing. Thank you for all the time you have given to praying for me, it blesses me continually! If there is any way I can pray for you, please let me know. I love you all, have an amazing week!

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Pretty sights walking in the forest
My friend and classmate, Kate
Some of my classmates and I posing like the statues above us (to the best of our ability HAHA)

With love,