Cofound the future — Looking for a CTO

We are looking for a *NEW* Cofounder & CTO to join us at Prattle.

Someone who has interest and experience in consumer and social products. If you believe you have what it takes to create a top tier social platform. If you are a visionary, have great ideas, can contribute and have the leadership skills that can help us build a strong tech stack and scale the team when the time is right. You are the type of person we want on our team.

Prattle is a social platform that is made for Live Messaging. We are near product market fit and have had some success and global recognition. We have been featured on the App Store hitting top 100 in social networking in 28 countries and our users have sent over 70,000 messages. The entire time being completely bootstrapped. We believe in a Hacker/Hustler/Designer Trio-Teams that you see in most successful products.

Featured in App Store

To be clear the social consumer space is very crowded and difficult, if you’re not passionate about this space you can get burnt out really quick. This space requires discipline, commitment, and a bit of luck. We want someone who is a leader on and off, a fighter, and wants to win. We are 100% positive we are going to get trolls from this blog and you can call it desperate but we are exploring all options. After all the Uber founders met on Twitter.

Our previous Cofounder & CTO left to join a funded company since we are bootstrapped, so we also need someone who is able to work bootstrapped while we work towards the next stage.

We are a remote team so strong communication is key, including daily calls. Our stack is as follows:

-Backend: Firebase, AWS, Codeignitor, PHP

-Frontend: Swift, Twilio, Fabric/Flurry

-Operational: Slack, Trello, GSuite, Skype, Zeplin

That being said, we love the space and love the vision we are working towards. We want someone who smiles when they see people learning a new language, making new friends, and connecting with others in a way they never could before. We want someone who is going to laugh off the small things and enjoy the process.

If this sounds like you, drop us a line at or find us on Prattle.

@Sam or @Brayson.