Well the issue for your desired response is it is impossible to reply to nonsense, not taking shit…
Louis Weeks

Here you go Louis Weeks, here’s the three questions I asked in my original response:

What is the line between “not taking any shit” and “not giving a shit”?
What is the line between “not taking any shit” and being reflective on how your decisions and actions might affect people in ways you never considered?
What is the line between “not taking any shit” and being a grown ass man who can handle criticism in an adult and professional manner, to come up with consensus solutions to very complex issues?
These are serious questions that I hope Trump supports can answer.

Can you answer one out of the three, all three? This is not nonsense, at least to me.

If you need more help in understanding the question, here it is:

From my personal experience, there is a line between “not taking shit” and “not giving a shit.” For example, yesterday while driving on the highway I attemped to make a lane change. I was driving on a freeway and saw the cars in front of me suddenly slowing down and applying their brakes. I wanted to maintain the same speed, checked my reaerview and side mirrors, glanced over my left shoulder to the best of my abilities, saw that the lane to the left was clear, turned on my turn signal, and started to make a move to go into the left lane. As I did so, a small Nissan Juke (or something similar) came into my view directly to the left of my driverside window. The size of the car made it invisible to me, as it must have been small enough to be obscured by the blidspot of my SUV. The driver swereved their car, I swerved back into my lane, and the other driver honked at me and then flipped me the bird as they pulled ahead. Now, if I wasn’t going to take any shit from that person, I would have also flipped them off. You know what? I fucked up. I made a mistake. So I took the shit that was given, because I deserved it. I gave a shit. I realized that I made a mistake.

I hope this clarification helps you in your response!

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