Moneybox: One Month of ‘Invest-as-you-go’

Over the last month, I’ve been using Moneybox which is essentially saving as you spend. The app works in a way where when you spend 85p, it will take the remaining 15p and put it into a savers pot. There are also other options like the opportunity invest the money you’ve saved all within the same app.

Here’s my experience:

My findings are simple. Saving can be fun, Fintech is moving quicker than banks and I’m excited about the future of personal finance.

I think it’d be cool to challenge yourself to save only on coffee, beer, late-night amazon purchases, etc and see what the outcome of that is. I’d call that ‘Yin Yang Investing’, but that’s just because I love terminologies.

Have fun with saving, I dare ya!

[This is not sponsored, nor do I work for/with Moneybox, I just loved the product]