Stressed Before Sleep

Had an uncomfortable dream last night — Well morning, considering it was 4:30 a.m. I had continuously woken up to the dog whining, a variety of raccoon squeal-snorts, and because of my nightly no-reason-to-wake-up-at-this-hour behavior. I passed out between three and four and my dream started. I was in some kind of chain restaurant with two of my gal pals. I was then closing myself in a bathroom stall, when a tall man pushed in the stall door to stand before me. He lightly kissed me on the lips and I wasn’t appalled. One of my friends appeared behind the man, and exclaimed

“I’ll pretend i didn’t see that, Sam your boyfriend is here”

Alas, boyfriend was walking towards me through the chain restaurant. Mystery-gentle-kiss-man had vanished. Boyfriend sauntered up to me with open arms and a bright face, telling me how much he loves me. All of a sudden, boyfriend and I are in a room with a beanbag, fighting about something. He is flinching from my violent movements. Boyfriend becomes a small blonde chihuahua puppy. In real life that would be pretty cool, but it pissed me off even more in the dream, something about his flinching motions as a small dog was very irritating.

This whole dream has had me weirded out from the second I woke from it, until now — sitting at an office desk, waiting for the last hour of work to pass so I can try to go to sleep again. I will try to make a valuable lesson from it. I was feeling pretty anxious and sad before falling asleep so I kept waking up and thinking negatively.

Here are some other options I would recommend for the thinkers-before-bedders.

  1. If you are stressed, anxious and or frustrated before bed, clean up something, do some yoga, have some hot milk or take sleeping pills when you need to wake up for work the next morning. Lying in bed thinking bad things will taint your emotional health. Netflix won’t help you either because staring at a lit up screen before bed will cause you to take longer to fall asleep, thus you might lie awake thinking bad things, thus you will taint your emotional health.
  2. If you would rather lay in bed thinking, try to think about something like what outfit you want to wear to work tomorrow, or if you have a free day, plan to workout or bond with your family.
  3. Listen to sleepy time music playlists or sounds, while eating almonds. You will be distracted you from your thoughts (almonds optional but they are good to eat before bed because they provide healthy nutrients to keep you full throughout the night)
  4. Write down, draw, or even say allowed what your feeling. This way your thoughts are more organized. You might even get a better understanding of yourself in the whole matter and can be calmer about it.
  5. Remember everything is temporary and ask yourself if what you are frustrated about will even matter in a few weeks.
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