Distraction of the week#1:When activist become mascots.

D.O.T.W.’S are often media generated stories rooted in propaganda with an agenda to keep society enslaved via distraction. Neglect, short term memory, passive behavior, a need to be entertained, being a spectator to the destruction of your community are all symptoms of the mental illness of distraction.

Professional sports is arguably the biggest distraction not only in the black community but in America. Although it provides a level of structure,discipline, and fitness needed in black communities. It should never be “the only way out” of generational poverty. As if the odds of becoming a professional weren't slim enough, the chances of pro athletes investing in the communities they come from are even slimmer.


We allow it to happen, we give sports our time, money and energy in exchange for 2 hours of entertainment that practically has zero impact on bettering our communities.

Nike has recently chosen to endorse Colin Kaepernick with their 30 year anniversary. However, realistically speaking the mascot has very little impacte on the game. They exist to keep fans from getting bored during timeouts, halftime, etc. Just in case during the break from the game you actually came to the realization that this is a waste of time. Nike understands this well as they’ve been in the sports industry for 3 decades now.

Many feel as if the Nike/Kaepernick ad was genius but if black people are the majority of the two most popular sports then it makes sense.

Historically Humans have a weird way of focusing on the messenger more than the message, another major symptom of distraction..This is a smart move by the media as a message that goes against their agenda will be lost be a controversial messenger.

Since Kaepernick kneeled two seasons ago, many players have kneeled since, some even being more outspoken than kaepernick. Why didn’t Nike get behind them? Why didn’t Nike donate to millions to a grassroots organization to fight the same injustice Kaepernick is taking a knee for? Because they know they need a mascot, corporations understand branding, they understand the face is often more important than the message, at least in our society.

An announcement alone without a real plan on how Kapernick and Nike will conitue his activism being revealed to the people has make Nike sales soar while those who oppose Kapernick burned their Nikes As they feel Nike has bowed to the “social justice warriors”.

Remember, the mascot has no impact on the game, they’re only here for your entertainment. Only time will tell if Kaepernick will impact the game of sports or the game life..

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