Yes, say it really fast “designature”

What does that sound like? That’s right. Design in nature. Foundational psychological concepts that we have to visualize and feel. Universally centric as an art in life. Nature and design are inversely proportional. Without nature, humanity would not grasp the simple concepts of three-dimensional and abstract product creations. Apple is significantly the company in the 21st century that best utilizes the art of implementing elements of nature into technological advancement in the hardware/computer systems sector. As most people know, Steve Jobs, was the ultimate curator and developer. He made the impossible look effortless. Google is doing the same thing with Android and enhancing their search engine and other agendas. Sergey and Larry have constructed something of no replication and of much daily speculation. Nature is observed through the design. As the world becomes more culturally adaptable and natural nature fades away (the nature that was the initial nature of the Earth), what will capture our wonder and opinion on design? Is the industrial and modern world that 80's movies preluded to a futuristic reality?

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