I Won The Lottery…. And You Probably Did Too!

By: Samuel Grayson

Twitter: @samcgrayson

As Gary Vaynerchuk, serial entrepreneur/investor & founder of VaynerMedia once said, the odds of even becoming a HUMAN BEING are “1 in 400 trillion”…… That is insane. When we fully understand & comprehend how lucky we are to have the opportunity to develop & expand history with new advancements, that is where we enter a euphoria within life and truly discover what is means to be human, thus validating the reason for our existence in the first place.

With my birth, I felt like I found a global lottery ticket. Now, how would I effectively win the global jackpot?

I am in the ~350M/7.5B of the “upper level of lucky” because I am a citizen of the United States of America. And that is exactly why I feel like I’ve won the jackpot. Throughout the civilization of this great country, we have made world history for being the center of technological innovations & contrarian based interventions. We are the country that is always moving, always getting things done. Although some people may disagree (due to irrelevant political opinions that don’t change any outcome), the facts and statistics don’t lie. The numbers in the news don’t lie. More importantly, the people are what make this country so great. You can’t argue and disagree with the human movement of people feeling lucky.

Ultimately, without great people (the other people that also feel like they won the jackpot of luck), our country wouldn’t be as innovative, we wouldn’t have the opportunity for a strong democracy, better options for healthcare, or investment possibilities. Feeling like you’re in right the position to succeed, given the fact that you’re a human being, or even more lucky by living in the United States, should give you confidence knowing something most people don’t.

Now you should have somewhat of a better understanding of why you just might feel lucky for winning the human lottery.

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