A map of everywhere I went during a nine month road trip

On 14th September, 2014 I left Portland for extended travel around the US. I returned on 24th May, 2015.

12477 miles. Extended stays in Boulder, Asheville, Savannah, New Orleans, Austin, Santa Fe, Venice/Santa Monica.

Follow this link to see the whole trip on a map on Mapbox.

The data was gathered using the Moves app which I’d started to use in April 2014. The app was gathering data constantly, so every place I went, and every route traversed, whether on foot, or in my car, or in public transit, is mapped. You’ll see some long straight lines from when my phone was switched off, or if there wasn’t any coverage, like the times I flew to Portland from Denver, New Orleans, and Albuquerque.

Detail over New Orleans. On the map, you can zoom further down.
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