Belladonna of Sadness and malignant female agency

CW: Sexual Assault, Nudity, Murder

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Belladonna of Sadness rerelease film poster

Women using their sexuality as a means of empowerment is nothing new. Beautiful Delilah seduces Samson’s secrets away from him for a trove of silver. Sexual Salome dances for her desires and earns that which she wishes for. …

In the style of the The Telephone Call by Dorothy Parker

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Please, God, let me get this picture now. Dear God, let her walk out of the Hyde. I won’t ask anything else of You, truly I won’t. It isn’t very much to ask. It would be, like, so little of You, God, such a little, lil thing. Only let her exit the Hyde now. Please, God. Please, please, please.

If I didn’t think about it, like, maybe she would exist. Sometimes life, like, happens like that. If I could think of something else. If I could only think of one other thing. Maybe, if I flip my Motorola RAZR 50 times, she’ll come out by that time. I’ll flip it slowly. I won’t cheat. I’ll make sure it closes securely every time. And, if she comes out of the Hyde, I won’t stop; I won’t take a picture. …

This essay was originally published in the inaugural issue of Mostly Moving, a quarterly animation magazine organized and edited by Jonah Primiano.

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Unlike Madonna, she loved Hydrangeas (via)

I am obsessed with Barbie. After several miniature men were born into my family, I showed up and the dolls quickly followed. Olympic Gymnast Barbie, Troll Fun Barbie, Totally Hair Barbie with Dep brand Styling mouse. …


Sam Gurry

Animator, Interdisciplinary artist in Los Angeles by way of Philadelphia

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