A Miracle Was Born – December 2017

3rd December 2017

Differences of approach it’s a killer.

We have had many disagreements on how to bring our daughter up. We have completely different mothering techniques. Both of us think the same other is crazy. How we have got through the last four months with the minimal of scars is a miracle. Today something happened which grated more than normal. Our little girl has started having her first bad dreams, more of that at a later date. Whilst soothing her from a particularly nasty one I picked her up to cuddle her. In came my partner and said I should put her down she would never get to sleep like that. Which is ironic because this has been my opinion for the last four months. Dutifully I put our little miracle down, only for one minute later her to pick her back up to cuddle her. This hurt more than normal, it was almost like I had to put her down for her to pick her up.

5th December 2017

As mentioned on a previous post my little miracle has started suffering from nightmares. It seems a bit dramatic to call them night terrors. For the last couple of weeks she has been heard whimpering in her sleep. It is the most heart breaking sound ever. The other night however it was a little more serious than whimpering as it went into waking up, screaming. I cannot imagine what a five month old would experience to be that frightened. I suppose this is one of those questions, like what do dogs dream of?

9th December 2017

Chilling Saturday’s in our house used to consist of munchies and a good film. If not a good film, binge watching an American TV series. There was nothing better than chilling on the sofa for a whole day with nothing better to do after a hectic week at work.

Saturday’s now with our little miracle haven’t really changed much despite the feeding and changing routine. The thing however, which has changed is the quality of TV. We now find ourselves binge watching Thomas the Tank Engine. This is so much better I wouldn’t change it for the world.

10th December 2017

Now I have to admit to thinking the baby stage would be hard work. Feeding, changing and carrying this precious bundle around. Well the baby stage had nothing on the 6 month stage.

We are presently at the stage where she wants to stand sometimes try walking. She will not be cuddled all day my miracle needs constant entertaining. Now the problem with all this activities especially walking is her body simple will not do what she wants it to. Her legs will not stand her and even sometimes sitting and balancing is too much effort. Enter the mums. Help me stand up, lift me, twirl me around and entertain me.

For all new mums if you think the baby stage is tiring wait for the body wouldn’t work stage.

15th December 2017

Today the dreaded teeth have made an appearance again. She already has two at the bottom. I think the top ones are pushing through now. Red cheeks, poor appetite and hard to settle. I look into her little eyes where you can tell she is in pain and my heart breaks. If only I could wave that magic wand and take the pain away.

I catch myself thinking how painful can it be, then I think back to my wisdom teeth pushing through and I know. So far we have tried herbal powders, gum rub, pain relief and lots of cuddles. Any other ideas would be gratefully received.

20th December 2017

Can a 5 month old get excited for Christmas? Before this year I would definitely have said no they are too young. However, I maybe changing my response to yes after this week.

Our little miracle is certainly becoming more excited everyday. Whether it is the change of routine. Lots of trips out seeing people, both mummy’s are at home. Or it might be the fact that my partner and me are more relaxed and she picks up the feelings from us but, she is certainly different. None more so that getting her to bed has been a nightmare she simply does not want to sleep.

As we are still 4 days off I wonder whether Christmas will be a joyous occasion or we will slide into it exhausted. Either way the first Christmas with a new bundle of joy is precious to anyone. If this is your first Christmas with a new addition I wish you a Happy Happy time filled with joy and lots of memory making. If you are hoping to add to your family in the new year keep the faith it will happen for you.

Merry Christmas All

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