ARK Community Christmas Sweepstake 2018

Sep 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Christmas is now just 17 weeks away, so it seems a good time to start the annual Christmas sweepstake after a very successful event last year. A total of 1811 ARK was given to 3 lucky winners last Christmas, I hope we can exceed that figure this year!

The idea of the sweepstake is simple, anyone can predict the price of what 1 (one) ARK coin will be on Christmas day. The cost of 1 prediction is 5ARK. Whoever predicts closest to the price on Christmas day will receive a nice bag of ARK for their Christmas stocking.

The sweepstake will run from the 4th — 30th of September 2018, entries received either side of these date will not be counted.

A Google sheet will be created with everyone’s predictions. Check the link at the bottom of this post to view current predictions.

The 5 ARK coin deposited by Slack users will be held in Escrow by ARK’s very own @lars, and will be sent to the winning wallets on Christmas Day.

For transparency the Escrow address is AVUdzoVh5yRqg3ph9iytpAJnnHiZXx4R5u

The Rules

Please make sure you read them:

  • The cost of participating in the ARK Christmas Sweepstake is 5 ARK.
  • Each slack user can predict submit one prediction. Your prediction cannot be edited so choose wisely.
  • Your guess should be no more than two decimal places and your prediction should be in US Dollars only (e.g. $1.02).
  • The Total ARK Received will be distributed to the winners in the following way: –
  • 1st Place — 70%
  • 2nd Place — 20%
  • 3rd Place — 10%
  • Price is to be determined by Slack’s very own Arkbot at 00:00 GMT on the 25th of December.
  • The sweepstake will run from the 4th — 30th of September. Any entries received after this date will be rejected.


To make a prediction:

  • Please Direct Message @pieface in ARK Slack or Discord
  • I’ll ask for your prediction in USD ($)
  • I will provide you with the Escrow ARK Sweepstake address for you to send your 5 ARK. At the same time we will provide you with a randomly generated code to be included with your prediction via the Smartbridge field in the ARK Desktop Wallet.
  • Once your 5 ARK are confirmed via the blockchain we will update the shared Google Sheet with your prediction. For obvious reasons the document will be view only.
  • No two predictions can be the same, we will advise you if you have a duplicated prediction which you can then amend.

If you are reading this but aren’t currently a member of the ARK Slack or Discord then come join us and make a prediction. You can find us here;

The shared Google doc link ARK Christmas Sweepstake Tracker

We hope you choose to join in with the ARK Christmas Sweepstake 2018.

If you have any issues or questions at all feel free to send us Direct Message via ARK slack, and we will be happy to clarify anything that isn’t clear.

Thank you for reading and good luck!

If you vote for delegate pieface, keep reading…

I would like to thank everyone that votes for my delegate by funding your sweepstake prediction. If you have a wallet that votes for pieface with 1 or more ARK over the past week (23rd to 30th of August) I will personally fund your sweepstake prediction upon validation that the wallet is yours. Please contact me to find out more about this.

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