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New tool are empowering us to dramatically reduce the friction involved with working with various forms of information. Knowledge workers who equip themselves with these tools could be far more effective than their counterparts.

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Summary: Energy rate density — the amount of energy flowing through a system per second per kilo — can be used as an effective proxy for the progress of our species, as progress is largely determined by how much energy we can put to use towards our goals.

Musk is literally trying to save the world.

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Earth? Yeah, I’ll try to save it.

Elon Musk is the world’s most famous entrepreneur. His eccentricity, achievements, and audacious goals have led to people to compare him to Marvel’s Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man. This is rather appropriate given Musk is literally trying to save the world.

At least, that’s what it looks like.

Musk is using business — one of the most powerful social technologies we’ve developed (perhaps after the nation-state) — as a vehicle to drive the change humanity and the planet needs so desperately. …

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Is it really the Land of the Free?

Summary: Through the lens of opportunity and freedom — what people can do and be in the world — most Americans are far less free than the rest of the Western world. A vast proportion of Americans are shackled by wage slavery, unable to pursue the American dream. To fulfill the principles laid down by its forefathers, America needs to provide more for its citizens and unleash its latent entrepreneurial potential and become what it once was.

You can listen to the audio essay here or on your favourite podcast app on the Talk of Today Podcast.

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TL;DR: Design Thinking and the Scientific Method are two names for the same process: an iterative approach to developing a better understanding of the world which can help us explain, predict and act within it more effectively.

Design Thinking is a widely-celebrated process within the business and design worlds for generating and developing solutions to complex problems. While the term may inspire some eye-rolling amongst those in the business world, its effectiveness cannot be understated.

According to the digital tome of truth — Wikipedia — the term “design thinking” was first coined in the 1960s and probably went mainstream in 2005 when it was integrated into Stanford’s as a formal method. …

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‘What can I say? I’m putting America first’

You can listen to this essay on the Talk of Today podcast.

Comedians play an important role in society — they hold a mirror up to us and force us to confront social realities which we might prefer to just ignore.

In his recent address to the UN General Assembly, the caricature of American capitalism turned president, Donald Trump did just this (though most likely unknowingly). Speaking to the leaders of the world, he said:

“As President of the United States, I will always put America first, just like you, as the leaders of your countries, will always and should always put your countries…

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Humanity is in a state of transition. Since the dawn of time, our progress has been unrelenting. Though to start it was creeping, the exponential nature of this change is catapulting us towards a future we cannot comprehend.

We may perceive the world as stagnant, and though we may even resist change — it is inevitable. Until now, we have been floating aimlessly in this sea of transformation, sailing into the abyss of the unknown. We are now at a critical, precipitous moment in history.

It is now within our abilities to chart our course through this world. Through the abundance and ubiquity of technology and information, we are beginning to understand and predict the tumultuous tide of life and create tools to aid us in our journey through it. …

The meaning of life is to live forever.

This was the answer Google’s chatbot AI gave to the ultimate question: What is the meaning of life? Some may find this to be rather jarring. However, considering our relationship with life and death, it makes perfect sense. Examining the world we live in today, there seems to be nothing that is as negative and distressing as death. Headlines are littered with terrible stories of life being snuffed out. Terrorism, war, starvation, sickness, natural disasters- all of these depressing events are contributors to the ultimate evil that we see to be death.

When death begins to arrive by natural causes, there appears to be no cost too high in treating these ailments. “Aging is, simply and clearly, the accumulation of damage in the body” Aubrey De Grey In cultures across the world, the act of taking a life is seen as a heinous crime. However, not even this despicable act warrants the death penalty in most modern countries. Considering our relationship with life and death, it seems obvious that death is the ultimate enemy. Can this enemy be vanquished? …


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