The all-new Tesla Model 3

Tesla have changed the game…again

This morning, Tesla announced their effort to delve into the mainstream market: the Model 3…for $35,000. No, there isn’t a zero missing. Yes, that is roughly the same price as a Ford Fusion. I know, crazy! When someone asks you what car you drive, what do you want to say? A Ford or a Tesla. I’m not sure that even needs to be graced with an answer.

It’s quite an incredible offer and for me at least Tesla have completely changed the car industry with some of the features this car offers:

  • 215 mile range
  • 0–60mph in under 6 seconds
  • Autopilot hardware (could be a good or bad thing based on recent press coverage…)

0–60mph in a car that has zero emissions. From my perspective, this is the perfect city car — comfortable, fast (not that this is necessary…just fun!) and not something that’s going to break the bank!

Model 3 Interior

The interior of this car looks like something straight out of a sci-fi film and something that other manufacturers put in their concept cars. Yes, it’s something Tesla is renowned for but you’re not going to get a better environment than this one for the money. I want one!

Tesla are doing what Apple did 10 years ago, pushing the boundaries of technology and it is possibly one of the most fascinating things to watch as a consumer and general tech addict. Once customers actually start buying the Model 3 will be when we can truly judge the capabilities of this car, but it’s certainly looking promising!

You can take a full look at it here.

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