As the Sun Sets Through the Shades

See that’s just the thing. We have to learn to be ok with ourselves. To sit in a dark room at dusk, only our thoughts mixing with the soft breeze of the fan then floating away into the fading blue sky that falls down behind the trees. To understand beauty is different than to accept it. If your heart breaks and another tear rolls down your face as the darkness sets in, you can only understand. Until you can smile at the engine rolling in the distance or the soft glow from neighbors’ windows, your soul will not be at rest. Close your eyes as a plane flies by and take a breath as the wind tickles the leaves. Understand that solidarity doesn’t have to be lonely, but peaceful. Let the world embrace your mind and let your heart be light. For once, don’t let your thoughts weigh you down and just be yourself; you might just find what you are looking for.

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