How to change your organization in 2.5 hours

Sharing of knowledge and experience have already for years been the new way of living and doing business for students and professionals all over the world. It is the result of a 21st century way of learning, working and organising. Open and transparent organizations that facilitate and stimulate their autonomous and capable professionals to share their knowledge by use of modern platforms available have the future.

Sharing ideas has always been, and still is, the philosophy of &samhoud. Now we have created a 2.5 hours lasting massive open online course (MOOC) called ‘How to Change Your Organization’. The course that contains the fundament of our philosophy.

What? A MOOC? MOOCs are a recent and widely researched development in distance education and connecting. Different to the more traditional course materials, MOOCs are aimed at unlimited participation and open access to the sharing of knowledge via the web by connecting people voluntarily at the place and moment they choose. A MOOC can also provide interactive user forums to support interactions between the participants all over the world.

Is this the future?

I was skeptical about MOOCs replacing real life teaching at first. To learn and soak up information to the fullest, one also needs to make connections at the social level, right? But after enrolling into a couple of courses myself I got convinced. A MOOC gives you autonomy, it allows you to choose where, when, how and with whom to learn. It also gives you the freedom and space to take your time and think about the information some more before going on, which also stimulates individual thinking and avoids group-thinking. This means that people will not only strive for consensus and will not set aside their own personal beliefs or adopt the opinion of the rest of the group. Besides this, it is open to everyone and does not exclude anybody. It creates a culture of sharing and knowledge creation.

Connect and create sustainable value

In our MOOC, called ‘How to Change Your Organization’, in 2.5 hours you get to know all the ins and outs of the knowledge of &samhoud on how to change your organization. You will learn how to create sustainable value for your organization by means of the value profit chain and a lot of great examples. The exchange of value between various parties in long-term relationships is increasingly important in an economy of services. To sustain these relationships, an organization must not only take value, from for example employees, but also give them value back. This makes the relationship structurally profitable for both parties, and makes it a self-sustaining cycle with value for the customers and stakeholders. By following this MOOC’s philosophy, you will get the information and actions needed to let your organization perform ten times better in the long-term.

Through many great examples, inspiring cases and new research, this MOOC will answer the questions on how to create sustainable value and how to keep your stakeholders enthusiastic about your organization. It is an interactive experience with self-reflecting questions, and tools to work with.

Do not miss the future!

My sceptic attitude towards MOOCs has changed and I foresee a nice feature in this facility that stimulates autonomous and capable professionals, and also students, to connect, to share their knowledge and choose where, when, how and with whom to learn. Also for students, we all have to enter the labour market at some point, this is truly valuable information and it gives you great insights. If you are interested in the Value Profit Chain and want to learn how to generate profit for your organization, for society, for employees and customers, do not miss this MOOC and enroll here!

Let me know if you like it!

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