Introducing CannaBuzz- a cannabis social network

Sam Houston
3 min readApr 27, 2019

Today I’m very proud to announce the launch of CannaBuzz, a social network for the cannabis community. CannaBuzz is a fully-featured social network available now on iOS and Android.

CannaBuzz is something that I strongly felt the cannabis community needed and deserved. I began to think about this roughly a year ago but became convinced in late 2018 that I had to figure out a way to make a cannabis app a reality.

In early 2018, both Instagram and YouTube began banning cannabis related accounts and deleting content. Content creators would wake up to their channels being shut down, typically with no real explanation for what community rule they had violated that warranted the ban. I reached out to Leafly to encourage them to write a story, leading to an article that quotes me in the opening paragraph.

Since then, the platforms have continued to ban and delete content. I actually had one of my own Instagram posts deleted just a couple of weeks ago — a video of myself hanging out in my backyard (of all things).

A promo image I’m running on Instagram

Earlier this year, I teamed up with a couple of friends to create CannaBuzz. In the cannabis community, I’m joined by JR Tokin, a passionate medical cannabis patient and Instagrammer. And on the technical side of things, I’ve been able to leverage Honeycommb.

Honeycommb is a fully white-labeled social network platform that has enabled us to launch a fully featured social network in just a couple of months. Led by my old friend and colleague Sean Duhame, Honeycommb recognizes the value of creating a niche social network that reflects the values of the community it serves. I’m so thankful for their help in making this a reality, while also enabling CannaBuzz to be an independent business. Due to this arrangement, we are able to run CannaBuzz independently and without external investors.

CannaBuzz doesn’t just allow its users to post pictures of cannabis, it encourages it. We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and we believe in the beautiful, transformative power of the cannabis plant. As legalization continues to spread across the United States, Canada, Uruguay, and eventually the rest of the world, CannaBuzz will be there to help people discover the power of cannabis.

I’m a strong believer in cannabis as medicine and as a recreational drug. I’m excited to leverage my community management background, with over 11 years of experience leading communities online and offline.

This is a passion project of mine that I’m proud to help bring into the world.

Please download CannaBuzz for your iPhone or Android smartphones. Or, if you’re not someone that enjoys cannabis, tell your weed-loving friends about us! We need your help in getting this thing off the ground :)

Sam Houston
Co-Founder of CannaBuzz



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