The Guv’nors team (responsible for the Data Masker and Data Catalog products) has been mobbing extensively — in fact almost exclusively — for the past six months. This has proven particularly useful as the team have undergone significant personnel changes during this same time. By focusing on mobbing, the team has been able to successfully offboard three engineers and onboard two while continuing to deliver frequent customer value.

Wait, what is mob programming again?

Mob programming is a software development paradigm in which “the whole team works on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and at the same computer”. It’s a scaled-up pair programming technique where the whole team has a laser-like focus on a single critical task. For more information on mob programming, we’d recommend reading “Tackling SQL Prompt’s Parser with Mob Programming” and “… something on Mob Programming with Woody Zuill”. …

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