Principle from Edhi’s life

“Real power of words lies in implementation”

One of the Amal’s principle that skills are not inborn but can be developed with practice and practice.

i practiced not to give up at any time but remain consistent to your goal and objective.When i was student of the school i had to walk a long distance to reach my school.Later,when i was the student of college which was at the distance of 70 Km from my home.I used to get up early in the morning and to pick up the bus to reach college.That was very tough period of my life but i did not give up but i remained stick up to my determination.This period of my life always reminds me that real power of words stays beyond implementation.I turned my words into reality and finally i was able to taste victory and this is the rule which is key component of Amal’s principles.

I chose this principle because if a man is blessed with talent and have not practiced then he can't get victory.First,he needs to turn his talent into skill and then he would be able to turn it into reality.Stay connected to goal is very important because sometimes some more qualities are required to make you a perfect and suitable for what you are struggling.By sticking to your goal,those qualities are develoed with practice.

Everyone can get benefit and can avail himself from this golden principle.Every goal can be achieved from this just need to implement it.