Reaching out to friends

In Fact,it was a survey that was conducted by me to unveil and to learn about my strengths and abilities by asking my friends for a feedback.The objective and purpose behind this feedback was to get my skills polished and to made myself realize that you are bestowed with these abilities and others noticed it and found them good part of my behaviour.

First,i analysed that i must ask for feedback who have been in contact with me for a long time and have watched in every situation either i was facing some sort of severe situations,in a condition to make decision in very short time,any critical situation which had showed my reall abilities.In a nut shell,a group of friends was selected and i sent them message along describing the purpose of the feedback,so that a resonsible survey could be done.

Finally,i started getting response from them and it was amazing to feel that i have been blessed with many anviable qualities.Many of them were conceses on the ability of making solid decisions.Some of them said that you dont like to depent on oghers rather you find ways to use your own resources to accompolish your assigned tasks.Some of them revealed that i am a good learner,if i try to do anything,i prefer to find ways which may lead me towards my goal.Some of my college fellows said that you have competative nature and we had seen you as a proper student.One of my dearest friends told me a very interesting ability that i can deal with shopkeeper in amazing ways.Some of them said that i have good sense of humor and knows that how to boostup others especially when they are in trouble and facing some severe situations.I was fascinated when one of them told that you have good ability to bent your mind according to the situation.

After conducting this survey,i felt that i never tried to figure out by myself and why shouldn't i work on these abilities and should pave my path for betterment and improvement of these skills.Hopefully,it will be very helping and will work like a booster.