Set up Visual Studio Code for Unity in Linux

Yousuf Azad Sami
Dec 21, 2018 · 2 min read

Recently I have been trying to move Linux and prefer it more than Windows. So I had to find a way to make Unity work in Linux.

I have got this resources from here and here; and tried to compile it here. Yes, there a are quite a few steps, but it was relatively straight froward.

Step 1: Install Visual Studio Code (

Step 2 : Install .Net SDK stuff. Just follow this link(, type 4 or 5 commands and you are done with .Net stuff.

Step 2.1 : Install/Update Mono so that VS Code can work with it by default. I had some issues regarding this.

Step 3 : Change your code editor preference in Unity. Unity->preferences->External tools: /usr/bin/code

Step 4 : In unity go to Assets ->Open C# Project (to make sure c# project is generated if it was not the case)

Step 5 : In Visual Studio Code, you should get a popup(bottom-right) saying: The ‘C#’ extension is recommended for this file type. Install that or find it under Extensions (Ctrl+Shift+X) and install it.

You can also install it manually : Search for Unity in Extensions (Ctrl+Shift+X) and install Debugger for Unity, go to the debug button (left side) and make sure the Debug target is set to “Unity Editor”.

You are done!

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