Harry Styles’ Debut Album: His 7 -Year Devotee’s Initial Thoughts

Harry Styles is my long time unrequited lover and someone who I have looked up to since I was 14. Today he released his first solo album, let’s talk about this. Let’s. Talk. About. It.

Meet Me in the Hallway: It’s a creative sound, it makes me wanna lay under the stars and take in the world. I love how he sounds distant and his voice echoes. The instrumentals are complex and give the song a unique sound. What I get from it is that once you have something or the ideology of something, you can’t imagine things without it.

Sign of the Times: It’s a ballad, and I love the variety. Overall, I think it’s about the current state of the world right now, and it’s good of Harry to express that things are weird and crazy through his music.

Carolina: It is upbeat, unique and does not sound like anything else I am used to hearing. I know Harry listens to his own music and this is the type of stuff he would listen to as well as myself. This song is busy with the array of vocals and instrumentals. I know girls will be trying to relate this song back to themselves as well as wonder who this song is about. Anyway…

Two Ghosts: Pretty. The lyrics are really interesting to listen to. I think it’s about growing up and changing. This will probably be on my sleep playlist.

Sweet Creature: This reminds me of Paul Simon right off the bat. I know he’s one of Harry’s inspirations so it makes sense. It is a song that can get stuck in your head. Simple.

Only Angel: When it first came on I was really confused and made sure I was still listening to the album. The beginning realy reminds me of Sign of the Times. Then it suddenly changes and knocks you right on your butt. It’s fun and imagining Harry recording the woo-hoo’s makes me really happy. This song sort of makes Harry live up to what his fans think he is in their fanfictions, but who knows what he is really like. The song also sounds like One Direction which makes me smile.

Kiwi: I can already see Harry performing the crap out of this song. I knew he would throw in a rock song. The lyrics are a head scratcher though. ????

Ever Since New York: Okay, this SONG!!!! He performed it on SNL and I have watched that performance at least 25 times. It’s so beautiful, I love the pace, I LOVE THIS SONG. Every lyric speaks to me. I love how he sounds, I love the instrumentals. This is something that makes me really proud of him. He’s capable of making something extremely beautiful and it warms my heart like nothing ever has. I am so happy to finally have access to this song.

Woman: The beginning literally made me laugh out loud. Initially, I’m like what am I hearing?? But then I’m like nodding along to the chorus. It’s funky and I can feel his goofiness shining through with this song.

From the Dining Table: This is really really pretty. I love the instrumentals and how he is giving us a trickle of his emotions.

Overall, it is 2017, I am proud and I am older. I cannot believe Harry Styles has his own album. He is capable, he is my favorite and I am ambivalent. Harry, you are something else.

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