Reviewing DApps for “State of the Dapps” [OD Tasks]

priyan fareen
May 6 · 1 min read

Hey everyone..

Here is my review of @steemmonters for @Oracle-d tasks for ”State of DApps”. @SteemMonsters is a featured DApps on State Of The DApps website, you can find the details [Here](

Steemmonsters is a popular game on steem blockchain. Many steemians infact outside of steem blockchain play this game. It’s a digital collectible and trading card game, where you can play and earn steem/sbd. Thanks to @aggroed and @yabapmatt for this awesome game. It’s a steem blockchain based game.

Anyone can play this game by visiting website. All you need steem account and private posting key, if anyone wants to play this game outside blockchain, they can simply signup from this website. First you have to buy starter pack which costs 10$ which contains 5 summoners and 25 splinters , total 30 cards. You can decorate your own style cards and prepare yourself for battle with different leagues persons or among your friends. You can boost your cards buy using steem and you can buy cards from market. You can also trade your cards in the market. In return you will earn steem/SBD. You can also play tournaments where you can earn steem / SBD if you win…

This is really fun and interesting game for every people. If you didn’t start playing yet, start it now and earn some Steem/SBD…


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