advertising — a matter of life & death

What the f*** is wrong with everybody?! and why the heck is nobody talking about it?! and by this I mean, why the hell isn’t the super learned, educated masses of the living world not screaming their lungs out about the plague of advertising that’s slowly yet progressively consuming every living soul on this planet?

credits: the anti-advertising agency.

Continuously blowing botox injections to the superficial standards of beauty, life and more so, ‘the meaning of life’, how the hell is everyone so gleefully nodding their heads when a hair removing cream literally smashes the ‘ultimate personification of beauty’ on your face?

From invading into our privacy to show us the most relevant of all ads, because they will ‘change our world’ to killing nature for a fucking billboard, advertising has so smoothly become a part of our DNA that detaching from it is literally a case of life and death.

I’ll be honest. i have spent the past 6 years of my life actively adding to the chaos and still am. probably, i will continue to do so for some more time because like i said, it’s a case of life and death. i know a day will come where i’ll slit my wrists from this plague and probably find my peace somewhere else but that doesn’t mean i HAVE TO BE OKAY with it, just because I am a part of it.

the bitter & bigger truth here is…that you’re watching. you’re silently getting used to the annoyingly disturbing disruption that facebook glues onto your screen while you’re trying to watch a video that excites you. you’re getting used to life sized hoardings on the roads which have killed trees to be there. you’re silently watching the 10 minute long, three ads during a 45 minute show… because, WHY!?
if you continue to watch, people will continue to sell.
credits: the anti-advertising agency

My agony only rises every single day as i have to convince people (read: brands) into doing something more meaningful than what tickles their fancy. but the deeper i go into the system, the darker the dive gets. it gets ever so difficult to swim back up from this ocean of large scale pretentiousness that is nothing but so hollow and weak from inside that one death blow will ruin it.

how about limited advertising? how about OPT-IN advertising? how about having RIGHTS over what i want to see…on the internet, on the streets, on the television, on the benches in the part..heck, on my underwear! how about we start reclaiming these places as OUR OWN and not someone else’s property to put an ugly-looking-senseless-piece-of-crap on top of it? who gave advertisers the right to stomp over my privacy online, my streets, my TV channels that I PAY intrude with utter-gibberish-annoyance? i didn’t.

But i know, i know. everyone’s gotta make money. so we should all simply suck-up to it?

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