taking life, one atom at a time

Having been through some very rough moments, riding some crazy roller-coasters of emotions, money, stability and all the big words that define life, I sat down tonight, sipping my cup of tea, staring at the world outside from my balcony.

An old uncle with a white beard guards a car showroom right in front of my balcony and every night I sit there, sometimes with someone, sometimes by myself, and I can’t help but wonder who this man is and why is he here. He spends the entire night, whether hot or cold, guarding cars worth over millions, to earn just enough to get a grip over this hurricane mess called life.

Anyways. I’ve been through experiences lately which have had a huge impact on the way I see things. Or lets say, saw things. And I finally discovered the code word: unlearn. (thanks to an article I was reading written by Jamie Varon)

Credits: FelixMittermeier @ Pixabay

If I am to put a timeline to the series of events lately, up until the end of 2015 I thought that I knew the necessary baseline mantras to live life. But the beginning of 2016 had something else in store for me. I went back on learning everything from scratch and made my way up the ladder of knowledge, all over again. It had been merely 2–3 months since I had downloaded the latest upgrade of the ‘living life software’ that it crashed and needed a reboot. Let’s say this crash has come ever so often since then.

The only way I have survived during this time is accepting that I know nothing and giving myself an open chance at learning something new and totally different. Many a times I have had to completely disagree on something yet follow it with all my might just because it was the only way to get by.

For me now, life is no more about what’s right and wrong. This socially constructed bible of ‘right and wrong’ holds absolutely zero value when it comes to practical implications. While this may be a great guide for beginners but as I am growing out of my shell, I have realized that life actually exists within microscopic moments in the spectrum of time. In those tiny moments, what is said and what is done, is what authentically speaks about you and speaks to you.

life actually exists within microscopic moments in the spectrum of time.

Every passing day for me now is an observation of actions, reactions, priorities, interests, society, relationships and everything that encompasses any living day. Because when you look at everything through the fragments of atoms which come together to build what you’re looking at, there’s a virgin world waiting to be explored.