When Sanity Slips Away

Stuck in a rut of misfortune, committed mistakes but maybe not and living because a few breaths remain — I watch her go down day by day. It hurts. It pains. Worst is when it takes the best of you and you fall in the pith of such darkness that pulling out of it seems impossible. You travel down the drain sometimes with pain but at some point, you begin to enjoy the fall. You start to believe that’s how the path has been laid for you. But then you see around and see those who depend on you. Some care. Some don’t. While some take another approach to living with it.

Other approaches. Full of fallacy, lies and deceit. False hopes. False means. False ends.

Why can’t no one see the hurt in other people’s hearts? Sometimes I feel I’ve become blind to others also. But nay. The feeling of hurt is spears through the coldest of hearts too. Keeping your sanity is one thing. Keeping your mind in place is another. What do you do when you feel that it’s starting to slip away?

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