Keep Calm.. Be Strong.. Carry On..

Dear Jon,

That’s right. There are times in our lives when we don’t have a single ray of hope left within us and feel already shattered to a psychological death, where we can’t get up one more time and take that one more step towards the distant horizon. The failure and the fear and devastation by yet another failed attempt gnaws us within.

‘ I don’t want to give it any more try. I am done with this. I am going back to where I belong’.

That’s what we usually think and say, as retracing back our steps is easy but going forward into the forest of uncertainty requires balls. It’s when most of us give up and give in and disappear. Quitting is easy and so is embracing death when you are on the bed fighting your last breath after the doctors give up.

But what if, you have a reason to go forward, to give this motherfucking life one more challenge and let’s see whether it has enough power to hold you back. It’s not easy but when you have people to instill faith and hope in you, to fire up the determination to fight that bloodthirsty pack of wolves in dead cold snow.

Just letting you know, that it’s just the beginning. It’s not going to be easy. Let’s not pretend it’s a cakewalk rather it’s a walk on fireballs. So, let’s gear up, tighten our belts, a slight grin on your face, wipe the blood from your bleeding lips, get up and kick in one more time.

Loads of love and GoodLuck attached herewith.


(A letter from Sam to Jon. GOT :)